Outdoor, Nibin is sitting on a bench. His chin is leaning on his right hand while he looks directly at the camera. He wears a light blue shirt and light gray pants. Behind Nibin there are boats but since it's portrait, they are blur. Also on the top left of the image shows the logo of Stretch More.

“It’s better to be prepared”

What if tomorrow you wake and there is a flood? How will you survive? Can you drink flooded water? If not, how can you filter it? How can you help a person who has severe bleeding? Read what Nibin, one of the participants of the camp has to say, “we can’t expect anything, like what Read More

A text on Nematullah's picture read: We are here, just in case you forgot about us

Just in case you forgot about us

In Summer 2021, Afghanistan was everywhere in the news, in all the global news outlets, but what do we know about the disabled of this country, especially those who have physical, mental, or sensory disabilities? Click to read more Photo courtesy: Paul Kronenberg

picture represents Nematullah's work in Afghanistan

A Journey back home

Today we publish an essay from a participant of kanthari 2021 course. Nematullah Ahangosh is from Afghanistan.  (This essay was written by him as a part of his application to kanthari.) click to read more Photo courtesy: Paul Kronenberg